1. Register your child in the appropriate age group (child's age group is determined on the year your child is born, see attached form).  Please make sure entire form is completed.

2. BOW will pay tournament fees, mark Club Pay on registration.

3. Weigh In your child, (have them use the restroom before and wear only their singlet, this is important if they are bordering on 2 weight classes)

4. You will have some free time after weigh-ins before wrestling begins this would be a great time to grab some breakfast.

5. The Buffalo Outlaws will sit as a team at tournaments, please try to sit together to show team support.

6. Volunteers are always needed at tournaments ask coaches/ board members what you can do. (Ex: table help, parent tracking)

7. Before the tournaments begin pairing will be busy setting up the brackets for your wrestler. They will be posted in a designated area for you to track your child's progress, and to find out in advance what color singlet your child needs to be in.  Please see a coach or board member if you are uncertain how to read the brackets.

8. Please report child's age and weight to the tracking parent.

9. Before tournament, shoe laces will need to be taped and long hair needs to be up or in a slicker.  Coaches have tape if needed.

When Reaching Tournament Site:

1. When the announcer begins the tournament, he will announce one of two ways to know when your wrestler will wrestle.

             A.    The announcer will call wrestlers to the mat by bout or

             B.    The announcer will call by age and weight to a staging area


1. Children need to wear the team T-shirt to the mat.

2. When your child is to wrestle find a coach. Refs can't start a match without a coach.

3. After match, if your child won they will need to sign the bout sheet that will need to be turned into the announcers table.

4. At tournaments when members wrestle other team members, limited  coaching will be provided in order to ensure fairness and provide instructional guidance for wrestling officials.

5. Please report your child’s results to the tracking parent. If your child had a quick pin please report that information too.

6. Remember this is a youth sport we expect:

All wrestlers and parents to exercise good sportsmanship and take the time to thank mat officials and table help.

Tournament Start:

1. Check with a coach to ensure your child is finished wrestling.

2. Talk to a coach and/or tracking parent before leaving.

3. Please pick up trash around your seating area and be sure not to leave any of your belongings behind.

If you have any other questions or concerns please talk to a board member

Before Leaving Tournament:


About Us

Parent Information



Contact Us


Tournament Results

Notes to parents:

· If you are unable to attend a tournament and would like your wrestler to attend the tournament, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for your wrestler to ride with someone else prior to the morning of the tournament. If you send your wrestler with someone else you will need to send sufficient food for breakfast and lunch or enough money with your wrestler for him/her to buy meals.


Buffalo Outlaws Wrestling Club

Tournament Information

· Wrestling shoes (or other acceptable shoes)

· Head gear — this protects ears from injury.  Please place the wrestlers name on the headgear so the coaches can read it such as with a piece of athletic tape wrapped around on of the straps.

· Socks

· Wrestling singlet(s) (1 red and 1 blue or a reversible, in clean, good shape) *Note: Girls are encouraged to wear high cut singlets,  but must wear high cut singlets at State Championships.

· White Handkerchief — This is to use if your child has a bloody nose.

· Wrestlers will need to have fingernails clipped and be free of any skin rashes or irritation

· Athletic tape will be provided to tape shoelaces, see a coach.

Wrestlers at tournaments will need :