Practice Dress:

· Socks & Shoes suitable for wrestling (no metal eyes)

· Shorts: no zippers, snaps or buttons

· T-shirt


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Buffalo Outlaws Wrestling Club

Club Guidelines and Rules

Phone: 307-217-1681

· Only children and coaches who are registered with USA Wrestling will be allowed on the wrestling mats. Practices for wrestlers age 8 and under are open to parents to observe from the edge of the mat.  Practices for ages 9 and up will be closed; wrestlers and coaches only. This allows our older wrestlers to utilize the whole wrestling room for practice.

· Hygiene is vital to maintaining safe environment for wrestlers.  The practice mats are cleaned daily by the BHS staff  so it our responsibility to be sure the wrestlers are clean, wear clean clothes and gear to prevent germs and viruses from being introduced to the wrestling room. 

· If  wrestlers are sick, they need to stay at home.  Check your wrestlers periodically for rashes, scrapes or mat burns.  These areas need to be completely covered during practice.  Please report any skin infections to the coaches prior to practices so that they can assess the risk of infection to others.  Click here for a very good guide to the various skin diseases that are out there.

· Other children are not allowed at BHS without parental supervision.  Wrestlers are to remain in the wrestling room during practice unless excused by the coaches.  Any inappropriate behavior such as running in the halls or gym will result in removal from the facility. Parents need to pick up their wrestler(s) immediately after practice


Your cooperation is appreciated and will ensure that BOW is allowed to utilize the facility.

Thank you.

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